Hello, and thank you for showing interest in my commissions! You can call me toi, I'm 25+ and I write fics out of spite. I play games on occasion (mostly mobile, because my PC can't handle much at all), and spend the rest of my time either sleeping or daydreaming.


  • DM me on my twitter (@toitoro_) for a request. I will link you a form with every information I need for the commission, and will confirm with you once you're done.
  • The base price is $2 per 100 words. I do have a minimum requirement ($10 for 500 words), but do not have a limit of words as of yet.
  • You're free to pay the full price upfront if you desire. If not, I request half of the price before I start the commission, and the final half after I'm done.
  • Payment is through Paypal only. Since I live in Brazil, I will be using this Paypal fee calculator site to calculate the extra fees. I'm sorry for the inconvenience! Please make sure you send me the amount in USD.
  • I'll be writing your commission on Google Docs, and once I'm done, I will ask for your permission to upload it on my AO3 (thus making it public). You're more than free to refuse if you'd like.
  • Multi-chapter fics and NSFW fics might have different values. Multi-chapter fics depend on general plot, how many chapters you want me to write, etc. NSFW fics will be charged $3 per 100 words.
  • I'll be providing a few drafts here and there to make sure it's up to your liking.
  • You're free to choose a certain amount of words you'd like me to write, or leave it up to me to write freely. Feel free to also give me a limit of words, and I'll do my best not to write more than you can pay.

What I will and will not write
Will write:
  • Pretty much any genre.
  • Furry?? (I'll do my best)
  • Canon-divergence / AUs.
  • Any ship as long as I'm familiar with the characters.
  • Most kinks.
  • Original Characters.
Will not write:
  • No scat. We can discuss watersports.

I will honestly write most things. I'm far more comfortable writing fandoms I'm familiar with, sorry. Identity V, Fate/ series, Touken Ranbu, and Genshin Impact are a few, but I'm certainly not limited to those. If you're unsure if I can/will write for a certain fandom, please drop me a DM.

If you'd like me to write your original character, please provide me an abundant amount of information about them. I'm a little too anal about proper characterization in my fics, and I do not want to write your character(s) incorrectly.

SFW fics
  • $2 per 100 words base price.
  • $10 500 words; minimum requirement.
  • $15 1000 words.
  • $30 2000 words.
  • NSFW fics
  • $3 per 100 words base price.
  • $15 500 words; minimum requirement.
  • $30 1000 words.
  • $60 2000 words.
  • I can and am more than willing to go over 2000 words if you desire. Simply use these prices as references.
    Sample Works
    Send enquiries to toitoro_ on twitter or fill out this form.